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Filter Tips
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Prospect Team NameDraft Year Overall Pick Information Lien
A.J. GreerDogbones201681
Aapeli RasanenNordiques
Aarne TalvitieNordiques201893
Adam BoqvistRoadrunners
Adam FoxMariners
Adam HuskaNordiques201680
Adam MascherinLumberJacks
Adam TambelliniWolf
Adin HillBlue Jackets
Akil ThomasNordiques
Albin ErikssonNordiques
Alec RegulaFighting Irish
Aleksi HeponiemiStallions201834
Aleksi SaarelaLumberJacks201685
Alex Barré-BouletWolf201839
Alex BurmistrovRoadrunners
Alex DostiePenguins
Alex FormentonFlash201838
Alex LintuniemiWolf
Alex NedeljkovicRoadrunners201675
Alexander AlexeyevFlash
Alexander KhokhlachevBlue Jackets
Alexander NylanderDogbones
Alexander RomanovWolf
Alexander VolkovBlue Jackets201833
Alexandre FortinFighting Irish201666
Alexandre TexierRoadrunners201862
Anders BjorkMariners2016100
Andrew NielsenNordiques201690
Andrey PedanLumberJacks
Anthony AngelloBlue Jackets
Anthony StolarzGongshow
Antoine BibeauMariners
Antoine MorandIcedogs201869
Anton SlepyshevPirates
Anton ZlobinPenguins
Antti SuomelaBlue Jackets201851
Axel AnderssonFlash
Axel HolmstromNordiques
Barrett HaytonFighting Irish
Beau BennettWolf
Ben JohnsonFlash
Benoit-Olivier GroulxSens
Bode WildeIcedogs
Bogdan YakimovNordiques
Boris KatchoukIcedogs
Borna RendulicStallions
Brad RossWolf
Brady VailGongshow
Brandon GormleyOilers
Brandon HalversonLumberJacks
Brandon RanfordRoadrunners
Brendan GuhleRoadrunners
Brett BulmerIcedogs
Brett LernoutLumberJacks
Brett PollockFlash
Brycen MartinLumberJacks
Cal FooteMariners201823
Cal PetersenNordiques201699
Cale FleuryIcedogs
Cale MakarIcedogs20187
Caleb JonesNordiques
Calen AddisonPenguins
Cameron MorrisonLumberJacks
Carl GrundstromNordiques
Carter VerhaegheBulldogs
Casey FitzgeraldRoadrunners
Cayden PrimeauWolf201868
Chad KrysNordiques
Charles-Olivier RousselFighting Irish
Charlie LindgrenFighting Irish201689
Chase De LeoBlue Jackets
Chase PriskieNordiques201897
Chris BigrasLumberJacks
Christian JarosPirates
Christian ThomasRoadrunners
Christian WolaninFlash
Cody GlassBulldogs201810
Cole CasselsFlash
Cole HultsMariners
Cole UllyFighting Irish
Colton PointNordiques
Conner BleackleyFighting Irish
Connor BrickleyFighting Irish
Connor HurleyMariners
Conor TimminsNordiques201829
Curtis HamiltonIcedogs
Dalton ThrowerPenguins
Danick MartelBlue Jackets
Daniel AltshullerDogbones
Daniel CatenacciMariners
Daniel O'ReganFighting Irish
Daniel SprongGongshow
Dante FabbroSens
Darren DietzIcedogs
David GustafssonNordiques
David KampfFighting Irish
David MusilFighting Irish
Declan ChisholmNordiques
Denis GurianovGongshow
Dennis EverbergStallions
Dillon DubePirates
Dillon HeatheringtonLumberJacks
Dmitri SamorukovNordiques
Dmitry SokolovNordiques201866
Dmytro TimashovLumberJacks
Dominic TurgeonGongshow
Dominik BokkBulldogs
Dominik KubalikPenguins
Drake BathersonNordiques201817
Dylan CoghlanNordiques
Dylan GambrellNordiques
Dylan McIlrathLumberJacks
Dylan SadowyGongshow
Dylan SambergThunder201843
Dylan SikuraPirates
Eeli TolvanenBikers20185
Elvis MerzlikinsPenguins
Emerson EtemMariners
Emil BemstromNordiques
Emil PetterssonNordiques
Emile PoirierPirates
Emilio PettersenIcedogs
Erik BrannstromSens201815
Ethan BearNordiques201661
Evan BarrattNordiques201832
Evan BouchardNordiques
Evgeny SvechnikovBikers
Felix GirardNordiques
Felix SandstromRoadrunners
Filip ChlapikNordiques
Filip GustavssonThunder201888
Filip HallanderPenguins
Filip JohanssonNordiques
Filip LarssonSens
Filip ZadinaIcedogs
Francis PerronSens
Francois BrassardNordiques
Frederik GauthierLumberJacks
Fredrik OlofssonIcedogs
Gabriel CarlssonSens201663
Gabriel VilardiPenguins201824
Garret SparksLumberJacks
Garret WilsonPirates
Gavin Bayreuther Mariners201877
German RubtsovLumberJacks
Giovanni FioreMariners
Givani SmithThunder
Glenn GawdinPirates
Grant MismashIcedogs201889
Greg ChaseLumberJacks
Greg MckeggRoadrunners
Griffin ReinhartIcedogs
Grigori DenisenkoThunder
Gustav BourammanLumberJacks201696
Gustav LindstromSens201895
Gustav OlofssonIcedogs
Hudson FaschingNordiques
Hunter ShinkarukRoadrunners
Hunter SmithPirates
Ian McCoshenWolf
Ian Mitchell Thunder201857
Ian ScottNordiques201873
Igor ShesterkinNordiques
Iiro PakarinenPirates
Ilya MikheyevNordiques
Ilya SorokinMariners201693
Ilya samsonovStallions
Isaac RatcliffeFighting Irish201850
Isac LundestromSens
Ivan ChekhovichNordiques201872
Ivan MorozovNordiques
J.C. LiponLumberJacks
Jachym KondelikNordiques
Jack DoughertyIcedogs
Jack DruryPenguins
Jack DuganNordiques201875
Jack GloverPirates
Jack StudnickaIcedogs201867
Jacob Bernard-DockerMariners
Jacob LarssonDogbones201662
Jake BeanMariners
Jake EvansNordiques
Jake OettingerRoadrunners201844
Jake WalmanNordiques
Jake WiseWolf
Jakob Forsbacka-KarlssonLumberJacks
Jakub LaukoPirates
Jakub ZborilThunder
Jan JenikNordiques
Janne KuokkanenIcedogs
Jansen HarkinsPirates201673
Jared KnightWolf
Jared McIsaacFighting Irish
Jaret Anderson-DolanRoadrunners201842
Jarred TinordiBikers
Jason RobertsonPirates201828
Jay O'BrienMariners
Jayden HalbgewachsMariners201852
Jeremy BraccoMariners
Jeremy LauzonPirates201682
Jeremy MorinPenguins
Jeremy RoyIcedogs
Jerome Gauthier-LeducBikers
Jesper BoqvistBikers201863
Jesse YlonenWolf
Jett WooPenguins
Jimmy SchuldtPenguins
Jiri SekacStallions
Joachim BlichfeldRoadrunners
Joe HickettsNordiques
Joe VelenoNordiques
Joel FarabeeMariners
Joey AndersonThunder
Joey HishonBlue Jackets
Johan GustafssonBlue Jackets
Johan SundstromPirates
John McFarlandWolf
John QuennevilleRoadrunners
Jon GilliesSens
Jonas RondbjergNordiques201884
Jonas SiegenthalerFighting Irish201677
Jonatan BerggrenNordiques
Jonathan DahlenSens
Jonathan DavidssonIcedogs201849
Jonathan-Ismael DiabyFighting Irish
Joni IkonenWolf201871
Jordan KyrouBikers
Jordan SchmaltzThunder
Jordan StallardBulldogs
Jordan SubbanBlue Jackets
Joseph BlandisiLumberJacks
Josh BrookNordiques201846
Josh Ho-sangNordiques
Josh MahuraPenguins
Josh NorrisMariners201835
Joshua JacobsWolf
Joshua LeivoLumberJacks
Juho LammikkoStallions
Julien GauthierIcedogs
Julius BergmanWolf
Julius NattinenRoadrunners201676
Justin BaileyFlash
Justin KirklandLumberJacks
Justus AnnunenBlue Jackets
Juuso ValimakiPenguins201826
K'Andre MillerNordiques
Kaapo KahkonenSens201859
Kailer YamamotoBulldogs201831
Kale ClagueSens
Karson KuhlmanNordiques
Kasper BjorkqvistPenguins
Keegan LoweFlash
Kerby RychelMariners
Kevin BahlThunder
Kevin RoyMariners
Kiefer SherwoodFlash201898
Kieffer BellowsRoadrunners
Kirill KabanovOilers
Kirill KaprizovMariners
Kirill MarchenkoDogbones
Klim KostinNordiques201827
Kole LindNordiques201853
Konrad AbeltshauserThunder
Kristers GudlevskisBulldogs
Kristian VesalainenBikers201825
Kyle CapobiancoSens201896
Laurent DauphinSens
Lawrence PilutSens201878
Liam FoudyPenguins
Liam O'BrienGongshow
Lias AnderssonLumberJacks201821
Libor HajekRoadrunners201882
Linus SoderstromRoadrunners
Logan BrownSens
Logan StanleyFlash
Lucas ElvenesNordiques
Lucas JohansenPirates
Lucas WallmarkNordiques
Lukas DostalNordiques
Mackenzie SkapskiStallions
Marc McNultyThunder
Marcus DavidssonRoadrunners201861
Marcus HogbergDogbones
Mario FerraroIcedogs
Mario LuciaFlash
Mark McNeillFighting Irish
Martin KautStallions
Martin NecasRoadrunners20188
Martin RewayBlue Jackets
Mason AppletonLumberJacks201880
Mason ShawMariners201883
Matej PekarRoadrunners
Matej StranskyThunder
Matiss KivlenieksMariners
Matt FinnFlash
Matt LuffPirates201855
Matt O'ConnorRoadrunners
Matt PuempelBlue Jackets
Matthew PhillipsBikers
Mattias SamuelssonRoadrunners
Max FribergBlue Jackets
Max GildonIcedogs201874
Max JonesPenguins
Max VeronneauPirates
Maxim LetunovFlash
Maxime ClermontGongshow
Maxime ComtoisIcedogs201818
Michael AndersonIcedogs201890
Michael BournivalThunder
Michael Dal ColleIcedogs
Michael DiPietroSens201854
Michael McCarronDogbones
Michael McLeodSens
Michael RasmussenOilers201812
Michael SpacekLumberJacks201683
Michael St. CroixRoadrunners
Mike AmadioNordiques201684
Mikhail GrigorenkoSens
Mitchell StephensSens
Morgan BarronNordiques
Morgan EllisIcedogs
Morgan FrostMariners201814
Morgan GeekieMariners
Morgan KlimchukNordiques
Nail YakupovSens
Nick BaptisteStallions
Nick MerkleyFighting Irish
Nick PaulNordiques
Nick ShoreWolf
Nick SorensenFighting Irish
Nick SuzukiSens201811
Nicklas JensenBlue Jackets
Nicolas Aube-KubelLumberJacks
Nicolas BeaudinThunder
Nicolas HagueSens201836
Nicolas KerdilesBlue Jackets
Nicolas MelocheDogbones201698
Nicolas RoyGongshow201691
Nikita GusevPenguins
Nikita ScherbakIcedogs
Nikita TryamkinBikers
Niklas NordgrenLumberJacks
Nikolay ProkhorkinNordiques
Nils LundkvistStallions
Noah DobsonSens
Noah JuulsenLumberJacks
Noah RodNordiques
Oliver KylingtonSens201667
Oliver WahlstromPenguins
Olivier RodrigueLumberJacks
Oliwer KaskiIcedogs
Olli JuoleviStallions
Olof LindbomNordiques
Oscar DanskIcedogs
Oskar LindblomNordiques201876
Owen TippettRoadrunners201813
Patrick HarperPirates
Patrick HollandIcedogs
Patrick SieloffLumberJacks
Paul BittnerIcedogs
Petter GranbergLumberJacks
Petteri LindbohmIcedogs
Philipp KurashevIcedogs
Philippe DesrosiersSens
Philippe MyersMariners201692
Pierre-Olivier JosephLumberJacks201841
Quinn HughesPenguins
Radovan BondraFighting Irish201694
Rasmus AsplundBlue Jackets
Rasmus KupariNordiques
Rasmus SandinNordiques
Reilly WalshNordiques201856
Riley BarberJokers
Riley TufteRoadrunners
Rocco GrimaldiDogbones
Rourke ChartierWolf
Ruslan IskhakovNordiques
Ryan CulkinStallions
Ryan FitzgeraldNordiques201674
Ryan GroppFighting Irish
Ryan MacInnisIcedogs
Ryan MerkleyIcedogs
Ryan PoehlingNordiques201837
Ryan SproulRoadrunners
Saku MaenalanenIcedogs
Sam LaffertyPirates
Sami AittokallioRoadrunners
Sami NikuNordiques201879
Samuel BlaisLumberJacks
Samuel MontembeaultPirates201668
Samuel MorinFlash
Sasha ChmelevskiIcedogs
Scott HarringtonThunder
Scott KosmachukPirates
Scott PerunovichNordiques
Scott WedgewoodNordiques
Sean DayBlue Jackets
Sean WalkerPenguins
Sebastian CollbergBlue Jackets
Sebastien AhoPenguins201891
Sergey TolchinskyLumberJacks201687
Serron NoelWolf
Seth GriffithStallions
Shane BowersIcedogs201864
Shane PrinceLumberJacks
Sheldon RempalPenguins201887
Sonny MilanoRoadrunners
Stanislav GalievStallions
Stefan MatteauNordiques
Stuart PercyBulldogs
Tanner LaczynskiNordiques201892
Taro HiroseBulldogs
Taylor RaddyshBulldogs
Teemu PulkkinenMariners
Thatcher DemkoBulldogs
Tim BozonIcedogs
Timothy LiljegrenRoadrunners201819
Tobias LindbergLumberJacks
Tommy VannelliFighting Irish
Trent FredericRoadrunners
Trevor CarrickLumberJacks
Trevor MooreIcedogs
Troy BourkeLumberJacks
Tucker PoolmanPirates
Ty DellandreaSens
Ty SmithPenguins
Tyler BensonNordiques
Tyler GraovacOilers
Tyler MaddenFlash
Tyler ParsonsIcedogs
Tyler SteenbergenMariners201870
Tyler WotherspoonFighting Irish
Ukko-Pekka LuukkonenRoadrunners
Urho VaakanainenFlash201830
Valentin ZykovIcedogs
Valeri NichushkinThunder
Victor OlofssonMariners
Vili SaarijarviRoadrunners
Ville HussoBlue Jackets
Ville PokkaBlue Jackets
Vitali KravtsovBulldogs
Vitaly AbramovLumberJacks
Vladislav GavrikovPenguins
Vladislav KamenevBlue Jackets
Wade AllisonNordiques201886
Yakov TreninFighting Irish
Yegor KorshkovNordiques
Zach NastasiukFighting Irish
Zach SanfordMariners
Zachary FucaleJokers
Zachary SenyshynIcedogs
Zane McIntyreNordiques
Ziyat PaiginNordiques201686